How to Find a Topamax Attorney

March 29, 2011 - 3 minutes read

When a mother first looks at her baby, only to realize he or she has been born with a cleft lip, it can be a devastating experience. Though modern medical procedures can fix cleft lips and palates, these birth defects can still have long-term psychological effects on children.

Since the FDA recently warned that the anti-seizure medication Topamax (topiramate), when taken by pregnant women, greatly increases the risk that their babies will develop the birth defects cleft lips and cleft palates, many mothers will be searching for an attorney to help them decide if they should file a lawsuit. Looking for a lawyer can be an overwhelming task, especially in the area of personal injury law where the effects are so – personal. If you took Topamax during pregnancy, and your baby developed a birth defect, here are some key points you should keep in mind so you have the best chance of selecting a lawyer who will be effective for you.

You should narrow your options through a trustworthy source such as the American Bar Association (ABA). The ABA certifies a lawyer’s right to practice law in your state. Lawyers must be approved with the ABA before they handle any of your legal affairs.

Your research will find a variety of personal injury lawyers. Finding those with experience in health-related cases is very important. You are choosing someone to be your voice in court, and their knowledge of Topamax side effects, as well as experience trying pharmaceutical or drug lawsuits, is essential. A lawyer’s legal history and profile should be available to you through their website. If family, friends, or even other lawyers have recommendations, ask about the quality of the suggested lawyer’s legal aid. Lawyers with an established track record in pharmaceutical lawsuits should top your list of options. They will have knowledge about previous, similar cases and will advise you about your chances of winning your case and what you could expect in terms of compensation.

Choose a few attorneys and meet with them in person. Personal injury cases, in particular those of a medical nature, may require a long time to get the maximum compensation for your case. Be sure that you are comfortable with your attorney before signing any documents. If your research brought up any questions or concerns, ask the lawyer directly. This includes case load, previous results, and expected fees. You and your child have suffered from Topamax enough. Finding the best Topamax lawyer will help right those wrongs.